Bali Island: temples, beaches, gods. What else

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The island of Bali has been on the tourist map of the world for a long time, but began arriving in large scale since 1969, when he opened the airport in Denpasar. Regular connections to ports in Indonesia, Asia, Europe and Australia mean more than 7 million (!) Tourists are welcomed every year. What attracts so much? Exoticism at its best is difficult to clearly say why (or who) the island of Bali is so crowded. One thing is for sure. Tourists Aman. Mainly thanks to them is the Indonesian island . On the coast we found a tourist paradise which forms a ring surrounding the golden and sandy shores. Beautiful views, wonderful lagoons, luxury hotels (ream them in the south of the island) to pamper guests. Elegant resorts and resortsarmonizan perfectamentecon the local landscape, fishing boats and bazaars, where you can stock up on original souvenirs.
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In the depths, you can experience the tropical jungle and the lives of ordinary residents, which sometimes is not the easiest, especially if it comes to rice fields or engaged in handicrafts. EnTampaksiringpuedes buy sculptures coconut shells or cattle, and enPengoseken, to the south deUbud- baskets made of local materials.
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Some come here in search of spiritual experiences. Architecture experts are also delighted. Monumental buildings (there hasta30,000aquí!) They grow in almost every step, every scrap of the island. Whether themselves build communities our customs and rituals may surprise and sometimes mystifying. Civilization has not yet reached many of them. The excitement has already appeared?
Island of Bali
One of the most famous temples esUlun Danuen Lake Breratan. Other sellers to learn about intriguing mysterious customs and culture. Luscious ‘tastes’ Kecak dance around the old temploen Uruguay. We certainly have mystical experiences in them.
The island of Bali is a place where you soak Plus, you have to experience it with all your life. That’s why we have prepared for you a list of 5 locations you need experience in Bali . In the north, Lovinaes the most popular city. He gained fame thanks to the beach, but no one, because black volcanic sand. Dolphins appear there again and are a major attraction.
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Lasvacaciones in Baliya are not a symbol of extravagance. Travel costs have decreased significativamente.Todo depends on your expectations: the island of Bali is the perfect place for a luxury holiday and for a journey of discovery, even with children, where the main interesting point ser√°lugares to explore, comoTirta Empuloterrazas Tegalalang rice.

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