Branicki Palace in Bialystok or Versailles of Podlasie

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Białystok and is often called the cradle provincial village or music on the sidewalk. However, these are unfair terms that have little to do with reality, Branicki Palace is one of the many places that breaks these stereotypes. We admit that there is something to look at! Branicki Palace – the Versailles of Podlasie No irony or exaggeration in this comparison. Branicki Palace is proud to Bialystok and the whole region. Work in fines élcomenzóa of the seventeenth century, and work was completed by the Great Crown Hetman Jan Klemens Branicki, happened in the middle of the eighteenth century. It was a very simple figure for all he could, thanks to him, the city affected, reputation and changes in one of the main centers of the region. Not without reason, acogieroncabezas cameras crowned as August II Mocny, August III Sas, Stanisław August Poniatowski, Paweł I Tsar and Emperor Józef II.
Palace Branicki
A fabric with beautiful facades rises between two courtyards on one side and a park on the other. The arches connecting the two side wings with the body. Southwest was reserved for French THE PARK classic, typical maze of alleys of the Baroque era that wind evenly trimmed boxwood. Discounts, monuments, elegant statues of ancient deities and floral discounts complete the class, style and lacreatividadde architects. The famous gate called ‘Griffin’ leads to the whole complex of the palace.
Palace Branicki the real ambitions Hetman Branicki Branicki showed considerable interest in taking the throne, and the palace became a confirmation of his ambition. You know about the noble guests, but it is necessary that the Branicki Palace depatrocinadores was also an important center of arts and educaciónque came from magnate families. Interestingly, a theater work here, within which a band and even a group of ballet remained. The first performances took place 17 years before the National Theater in Warsaw, which seweighera pioneer in Poland. Akuszeria School and the Military School of Engineering and Construction are also actively active here.
Palace Branicki
Fortunately, the winds of history did not have a major impact on maravillosasfachadas. Unfortunately, this can not be said of the interior. The former glamor has almost passed, but lasala lacapillatodavía chinay are full of beauty at first sight. The antiguosalón of baileahora functions as a hall of academic events, because the University of Medicine is one of their headquarters here. In the complex a galerie operates in the building of the old arsenal, c and how! – ‘Arsenal’, where you can also enjoy excellent coffee.
Branicki Palace may be at a ‘crossroads’, but the city is constantly trying to restore its former glory and residential character. Who knows, maybe soon enjoy the fruits of these renovations …

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