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Having high waist pants just a few years ago was normal. It is known that it was so, so many women had high waist pants in their closets. However, times past and fashion for them still continues. What exactly is the phoneme story pants? high waist pants for whom?
First, it is very important not only how you, but above all you want to show and what to hide after all. Thus, women who have a little more body often excel fear of the stomach or belly. That’s why the high waist pants camouflages perfectly and make the whole stylization win more. You must remember that despite all pants with high waist boxes  width = many women. Therefore, despite the passage of time, they are still very popular.
bloated suit If a woman who has some extra kilos would feel really safe, you can do so, provided you know how. Thus, high-waisted pants are often the first step to better verse power. Unfortunately, there is still a belief among women that are beautiful when you have pants too tight. Unfortunately, they are wrong because shedding fat never looks good.
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