How to care for your hair in the winter?

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the winter period is a time when unfavorable weather conditions prevail for both our skin and our hair. Standard care may not be enough to nourish and improve skin and hair. We must remember regular care with cosmetics specially selected to winter weather conditions. So how do you care for your hair in the winter, so I’m still nourished and full of shine?
Doctor temperature and humidity. At the beginning we care for the environment in which we live every day, particularly temperature and air sequence. It is very important for our hair, because too dry air in the room makes our scalp is dry and, therefore, our hair also loses health. Out of a very warm room at a very low temperature it can also cause our hair is not too prepared and react the same time with drying and irritation of the scalp.
Avoid too hot water to wash hair. A definitely warm bath in the winter season is much more pleasant than in summer, but remember precisely balanced temperature of the water. This will positively benefit both skin and hair condition. Hot water does not irritate the skin, on the other hand, the arrangement, therefore, our hair is dry and malnourished.
It reduces the frequency of washing hair in the winter season. Be sure to think about how often you wash your hair. In the summer, our scalp requires more frequent washing and hydration, but in the winter season is definitely better limited the minimum amount, for example, two or three times a week. Wash your hair more often can cause skin sequence.
Use specific hair cosmetics. Everyone should check what hair cosmetics use. The best are improved shampoos, conditioners adapted to the correct type of hair, can strengthen, moisturize and nourish the skin structure. You must remember that it is better achieve these cosmetics whose composition is more similar to the natural. Such cosmetics are fantastic for deep hair care, especially in winter. You can use coconut oil, it works well as a mask for hair and scalp.
Limit the amount of use of a hair dryer. Hair dryers are a very good tool for drying hair, however, hot air but cooler directly related to hair and skin can affect the condition of hair and skin. It is best to limit the amount of hair dryer and trust using the hair naturally sequence. The structure of the hair is much better hydrated and ready to adverse weather conditions. If you need longer dry your hair, use a special conditioner before drying to smooth and dry, which will prevent your hair feel an unfavorable temperature.
Trim hair regularly schedule. However, in the autumn-winter, the hair becomes rough and dry, especially at the ends. Therefore, it is worth increasing the cutoff frequency of the tips of the hair, which positively affects the condition of the hair and helps to strengthen them.
Opt for healthy nutrition and supplements. Worth considering your daily menu. A healthy diet is based on a well maintained skin and healthy hair. Nutrients and minerals supplied successfully make the skin, nails and hair look much better and are more resistant to all weather conditions, which are often difficult and disruptive. Supplements and vitamins are also very important. Sometimes foods are not necessary for proper proportional amount of vitamins and minerals, so it is worth applying multivitamins perfectly strengthens our skin and hair. Thanks to this, get the proper brightness and become stronger. A balanced diet and moisturized are the keys to success.

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