National Park Virgin Islands: Pearl of the Caribbean Sea

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As you probably know, the Virgin Islands archipelago lies between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It consists of over a hundred islands of different sizes, mostly volcanic and coral origin. This brings certain properties. The landscape is mostly (especially the part that belongs to the United States) – nomen omen – virgin areas where due to exceptional wildlife, the National Park of the Virgin Islands was established in 1956. Although not find one would sound better: ‘will not experience such’. National Park of the Virgin Islands is part of the great tradition of American parks. It is one of 58 in the List of US National Parks. UU. Medidaocupa large San Juan Island, although part of it is also Enst. Thomas.
The unique landscape is under special protection: tourists must follow the rules, stick to marked trails, including business tourism humbly accepts all restrictions. All to keep the magnet and future mayor for future generations. The restrictions are really unpequeƱo preciopara to experience miracles)
National Park of the Virgin Islands Delicias and temptations of the National Park of the Virgin Islands and at every step! St. John is a verdaderoregalo for nature lovers virgeny active leisure. When you decide to vacation in this place, you are prepared to enjoy all the beauties of the island during the day. Interesting locations in St. John can discover at every step.
You tropical forest, white beaches (Trunk Bay, Hawksnest Bay oCinnamon, what choose?) crystalline turquoise Caribbean Sea, waterfalls coconut. Less here than on other islands commercial accretions or crowded resorts. You can also admirarcaminatas submarinasy meet with coral reefs surrounding the island. It will also be a great opportunity to snorkel and join with sea creatures underwater photos.
You want to know a little history? Lasruinas should visit plantacionesde old sugar cane, lemon balm and rum distillery that were under the Danish protectorate. You return to 1780, thanks to the local reconstruction prepared by the locals.
[Caption id = ‘attach_12130’ align = ‘alignnone’ width = ‘3072’]  National Park of the Virgin Islands National Park Virgin Islands only triggers emotions more beautiful! [/ Caption]
St. Thomas, plus many duty-free shops (You’d advise you to buy!), Be sure to direct your steps to lagranja butterflies. There are a collection of the most beautiful specimens from around the world. In fact, we include the opportunity to learn about their entire life cycle, from a small caterpillar to a wonderful transformation into a butterfly wonderful.
Is this the end of the experience? Well absolutely. Just remember that when planning a trip to the Virgin Island and in particular, when you want to visit the National Park of the Virgin Islands, you must remember that these islands act as a ulica. Once the experiments have no strength and just do not want anything else.