The ‘Zdrój’ source – a symbol of controversial Wroclaw

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Wave of criticism, social storm and public disputes. Such events accompanied the creation and approval of one of the most recognizable buildings in Wroclaw. Zdrój source impresses visitors and residents. And you may not have known these things … Source in Wroclaw: a miracle of glass design one of the most popular reference points of the city came delprofesor Alojzy Gryt. The same has also Birds in Chojnów or the legendary Wall in the Racławice Panorama Pavilion.
Innovadorestaba the object located in the western part of the market square of Wroclaw. It consists of glass plates arranged vertically which are covered with water jets. The pool and the elements of ‘rock’ that hold the glass panels are made of granite. Everything looks impressive in the evenings and at night, when the ‘wow effect’ is complemented with a multicolored lighting.
A soap dish for some, for others a urinal From the beginning, the project aroused much discussion and controversy. He aroused opposition from the media, art historians or the curator of monuments, but also the residents themselves. does not match the environment , disturbs the historic nature of Market Square , ill-considered investment .
Despite the clear dissonance and contradictory opinions, the then president of Wroclaw, Bogdan Zdrojewski, approved the construction of the source. It was in his honor that gave the usual name. It is not known whether this is a sign of desperation or malice, but you can hear other names: the most popular are ‘soap’ and ‘urine’.
[Caption id = ‘attach_14270’ align = ‘alignnone’ width = ‘3456’]  interesting source spa supplies spa wrocław And how do you call it? [/ Title]
Was supposed to indulge your eyes only for two years, but mixed so closely with picturesque houses around the neighborhood that stays still until today. Source The spa is subject to monitoring throughout the day, and any attempt to devastation is associated with high fines.
You will not find a bathroom there (unless you like paying fines, as young men naked in 2010 :)), but this does not mean that there divertidas.La jokes urbanadice legend that in 2001 a group of foreign tourists in decidióbromaa all Market square Wroclaw. They poured a bottle of whole dishwashing liquid in the water source. The result? LaFuente Zdrójtiene a closed circuit, so Elvolcan thick foam immediately changed …
wrocław source spa interesting sources
Today, probably no one can imagine Wroclaw no ‘Zdrój’.

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