Feather jackets for harsh winter

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A down jacket for many people is an extremely bulky jacket with do not know what to do. The truth is much more dependent on its content as well as the particular model. A growing number of manufacturers are opting for a synthetic filler, so you can expect that after the first wash no sea sponge, therefore, lose all thermal properties.
Feather coat more expensive version
Buying a jacket does not have to be complicated, since it only needs to see what is inside. Very often, the contribution will depend on whether you can enjoy it for a long time or not. Therefore, it is necessary to verify this information, since it will depend largely on the type of jacket you can buy, but if I can enjoy it for a long time. If the jacket is ma cara face and just has a natural supply at the same time you can see that even after many washings, everything would normally be. Of course, provided it is used to clean the information on the label.

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